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Haas Factory Outlet-MALAYSIA

Operated by ROBO CNC

36, Jalan Kartunis U1/47,
Temasya Industrial Park,
40150 Shah Alam, SELANGOR
Tel: +603-5569-7833
Fax: +603-5569-7663
Haas Factory Outlet - MALAYSIA
Operated by ROBO CNC

Applications Service & Support - Haas Factory Outlet

Pre- and Post-Sale Support

The Haas Factory Outlet's Applications Engineering Department is designed to provide both pre-sale and post-sale support to our customers. Pre-sale support consists of machine recommendations, time estimates, and demonstrations. Post-sale support consists of programmer training, operator training, and supportive programming, runoff, and projects.

For most applications requests, please use the form below to contact HFO MALAYSIA application engineering.

For your convenience, our service department can be reached by phone or web. All requests will be routed directly to our service department to ensure prompt attention to your needs.

Service Manager - WH CHAN
WH CHAN has been in the manufacturing industry for over 20 years. His knowledge and expertise will help your business become more efficient.

Phone: +603-5569 7877